Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Finally! Audi Reveals 3rd Gen TT – New Model After 20 Years

Its 20 years since new TT model and finally it’s going to happen next year with new engines, design and massive technology upgrades

The new generation Audi TT would arrive next year in the UK and the US markets and the automaker believes that it is the return of the brand’s most important model after a long time. A new model featuring designing tweaks at massive scale with more angle reads and the introduction of the new Audi engines in the UK. There would be only petrol engine lineup available in the 2019 model and diesel engines have been removed from the lineup just keep it swift and agile on the road.
Audi TT Engine Range
Audi TT engines offered on the new model are all petrol units. Audi’s ultra-modern 2.0 litre TFSi petrol engines have been offered on the lineup. There are 40TFSI, 45TFSI, and TTS trims making the TT family with different power levels but the same reconditioned Audi TT engine on the entire model lineup. On the other hand, performance trims have been offered with Quattro S Tronic seven speed automatic transmission. It is one of the agile transmissions offered on the Audi models, it makes the 62 miles per hour sprint in just 4.5 seconds.

The 40 TFSi comes in 194bhp and 320Nm while the 2.0 litre 45 TFSi engine cranks 245bhp and 370NM of torque. In the TTS model trim, the 2.0 litre engine is capable of cranking over 300bhp of power punch and a hefty torque of 400Nm. A sad news for the Audi TT diesel lovers that there is no diesel engine offered on the 2019 model lineup. Audi says that they have removed the diesel engines for all those markets where these engines are not being considered as a sign of success, e.g. in the UK market, the diesel engines have been facing a serious criticism at government level due to their dirty nature on the exhaust pipes. Diesel engines emit more dangerous particles than any other fuel.
Background of Audi TT
Audi TT has a great success story in the past because it is one of few budgeted sports cars offered by any reputed automaker in the UK. In the past, the TT was available in front, rear and all-wheel drive variations, where a coupe and roadster body styles were offered. On the engines lineup, the TT was powered by both diesel and petrol engines. Now as the new generation of the TT is ready to arrive, it is worth looking into the importance of this marque in Audi’s model lineup. In the past generations, Audi has sold 600,000 units of the TT and this sales graph shows that the TT is famous among the buyers across its markets.

The mark 1 TT was introduced as an exclusively different and new marque with entirely new design language at that time and then started the era of the TT because there was no other car in the automaker’s model lineup to show an extreme level of sportiness than the TT even in the late 90s. Every day in the world, a number of new cars have been introduced but there are very few which survive for generations. The Audi TT is one of those cars which are offering such inspiration. The TT is famous among the users in the UK and Germany however out of Europe, it has bigger sales in the USA and Japan.
So what’s next on the Audi TT?
Audi confirms the new model upgrade theory where three major areas remained in focus, the design language to keep the sport image on the top, engines, and powertrains, and most importantly, the new technology gadgets to make the TT even a modern and budgeted sports car. A single frame based grille features 3D design, a new range of exterior colors, larger 17 and 20 inch alloys to make the outlook even inspiring. The brand logo has been polished, there would be some matte, and clusters of LED lights and much more. Even the number of standard features, equipment and gadgets have been increased where a multifunctional steering wheel, automatic headlights, and heated mirrors offered as standard. Even the virtual cockpit would come as standard on the new TT sports mode to make your driving even inspiring.

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